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Small Town Surprises 小城花样多

Small Town Surprises 小城花样多 - EP3

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

Batu Pahat, meaning "Chiselled Stone" in Malay, is a quaint town famous for ceramic and pottery. This week, Sugie brings our Lee Family to a ceramic factory, to make their very own ceramic product ! Our Lee Siblings, Jun Le, Yang Le and Min Xi battle it out in a Kuda Kepang dance performance and even try their hands at making their own Hock Chew noodles ! “峇株巴辖" 在马来语里是“凿石"的意思,所以峇株巴辖也被称为“凿石城"。在这一集节目里,城管 Sugie 带领着李家5口来到了这个以陶瓷艺品闻名的小城,尝试制作陶艺品。李家三兄妹,俊乐,洋乐和敏溪也尝试了马来传统骑马舞,Kuda Kepang!最后,他们还品尝了自己亲手制作的福州面条!

Small Town Surprises 小城花样多
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