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Small Town Surprises 小城花样多

Small Town Surprises 小城花样多 - EP11

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Sep 2019 Audio: Chinese

What makes the rice in Nasi Kerabu blue ? How can we differentiate a good character from a bad character in a Wayang Kulit puppet show ? Why is the malay traditional drum Rebana Ubi shaped like a flower ? In this week's "Small Town Surprises", Sugie brings our Chng family to Kota Bahru in search of these answers. Watch on to find out ! 兰花饭为什么是蓝色的呢?马来传统皮影戏里的好人和坏人角色有什么区别?马来传统热巴那鼓又为什么长的像一朵花呢?跟着我们的城管 Sugie 还有庄家一同踏上我们的《小城花样多》吉兰丹之旅,寻找答案!

Small Town Surprises 小城花样多
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