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Slumfood Millionaire

Slumfood Millionaire - EP5

Kamal Muara, Jakarta
23 Min

By CNA Published: 28 Jun 2020 Audio: English

Migrants from Indonesia's Bugis tribes have settled down in Kamal Muara, a fishing village in North Jakarta, for generations. They may not have set foot in their ancestral lands, but they retain their culinary traditions, continuing to cook dishes unknown to many. Fisherman's wife Yustini uses unsold fish from her husband's daily haul to make a unique Indonesian ceviche called Lawa, which is 'cooked' with vinegar and combined with smoked coconut and raw crunchy mango. She makes Kapurung, by manipulating sago starch using hot and cold water to make a sago 'glue', forming it into chewy balls with chopsticks, and serving it in a savoury fish broth. Javanese-born Rosmawati brings a taste of her hometown to the Bugis village with her rendition of a cheap and deadly spicy dish using chicken feet offcuts that are stewed until they literally fall off the bone.

Slumfood Millionaire
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