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SKY Castle 天空之城 (Dual Sound)

SKY Castle 天空之城 (Dual Sound) - EP2

45 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes

By Channel 8 Published: 01 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Mingzhu passes away suddenly. Xiuchang quits his job at the hospital and moves out from SKY Castle together with Yingcai. Junshang tries to comfort Xiuchang. He is puzzled when Xiuchang seems to blame Yingcai for Mingzhu's death. 明珠突然身亡。秀昌和英才搬出SKY Castle,秀昌还辞掉了医院的工作。俊尚尝试开导秀昌,却发现秀昌似乎很怨恨英才,还说是英才害死明珠的。

SKY Castle 天空之城 (Dual Sound)
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