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Sihat Oh Sihat

Sihat Oh Sihat - EP5

22 Min

By Suria Published: 12 Nov 2018 Audio: Malay

What is the possible signs of knee osteoarthritis ? Join the two doctors – Suzairhe and Haizad in their medical hub SOS SIHAT OH SIHAT along with panel of experts and celebrities, as they discuss the types of joint pains and if these pains are only for the elderly ? What are the types of osteoarthritis and what treatments available ? Apakah antara tanda-tanda penyakit lutut osteoatritis ? Bersama dua doktor – Suzairhe dan Haizad dalam hab kesihatan SOS SIHAT OH SIHAT bersama panel pakar dan selebriti yang akan berkongsi dan berbincang tentang jenis-jenis sakit otot. Dan adakah sakit otot ini sakit orang tua sahaja ? Apakah jenis-jenis osteoarthritis dan apakah rawatan yang tersedia ?

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