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Siapa Terror?!

Siapa Terror?! - EP8

47 Min

By Suria Published: 21 Feb 2020 Audio: Malay

This is the story about two sisters, Hamimah and Halina who lead very materialistic lives. They are always 'competing' against each other to see who has better 'placing' in life and status. Who has more LV bags ? Who has more Coach items ? Who can afford the latest jacket by Chanel ? Who goes for a more luxurious holiday ? They also tend to disregard their husband's say or advice. Hamimah practically bullies the husband (Azhar) with emotional blackmail and harsh words. Halina treats her husband (Sham) like a remote control. Their attitudes have taken a toll on their marriage. Hamimah ends up being in a loveless, sexless and passionless marriage while Halina's husband resorts to an ex- girlfriend for a listening ear and an understanding companion...

Siapa Terror?!
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