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Shadow Of Justice 蚀日风暴 (Dual Sound)

Shadow Of Justice 蚀日风暴 (Dual Sound) - EP1

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 01 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese;Cantonese

Police inspector Ling Feng and his subordinate Fan Yi escort drug smuggler, Tank, to Malaysia. Tank's gang attempt to rescue him mid-way. They capture Fan Yi when the rescue attempt fails. Ling Feng agrees to help the gang smuggle drugs in an attempt to save Fan Yi. 毒品调查科督查凌风和下属樊毅奉命将毒枭坦克押往马来西亚,毒贩中途袭击试图救出坦克,计划失败后掳走樊毅。凌风为救樊毅声称愿帮坦克贩毒。他为了寻找毒贩的线索,假装购买毒品却被异国警方当场逮捕。

Shadow Of Justice 蚀日风暴 (Dual Sound)
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