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Run To The World 绕着地球跑

Run To The World 绕着地球跑 - EP13

44 Min

By Channel U Published: 24 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

This travelogue brings viewers to exotic places of ultimate experience and showcase places of interest and culture. Countries covered are Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, etc. In this episode, the host will bring viewers to visit Banff National Park and Vancouver. 这系列的旅游节目将带观众到异国风情的地方,享受终极的体验,参观名胜古迹。 覆盖的国家是俄罗斯,乌兹别克斯坦,哈萨克斯坦等。在这一集,主持人将带观众游览加拿大的班夫国家公园和温哥华。

Run To The World 绕着地球跑
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