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Room 104 S3 - Baggage Of Room 104 With Mark And Jay Duplass

Room 104 S3 - Baggage Of Room 104 With Mark And Jay Duplass

3 Min

By HBO Published: 20 Nov 2019 Audio: English

Created by Jay and Mark Duplass (Animals, Togetherness), Room 104 is a new HBO half-hour anthology series that takes a peek inside one room at an avergae American corporate motel, exploring the stories of the characters who pass through it on any given night. Embracing the idea that "the banal" can be a most interesting place if you stop and take a look, each of the season's 12 episodes tells a different story, as the room stays the same everything else - the tone, the plot, the characters, even the time period - changes. Tapping into a variety of genres including comedy, drama, thriller and horro, the stories and characters featured in Season One include: the tale of a pizza-delivery boy who gets way more than he bargained for, a babysitting gig gone eerily awry; a love story between two octogenarians; a woman seeking to enter another realm of reality with the help of a cult-like priest; two Mormon missionaries thrust into a crisis of faith; and more. Poignant, quirky, and filled with plenty of twists and surprises, each episode of Room 104 plays like a mini-movie, offering a new discovery from one week to the next, telling tales of everyday people striving for connection and meaning inside a single room.

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