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Road To North 一念向北

Road To North 一念向北 - EP42

45 Min
Mature Themes

By meWATCH Published: 30 Jul 2020 Audio: Chinese

Lu Xiang Bei, was a happy child in a wealthy family, however, his life change suddenly at the age of eight and was left with a broken family. At his grandfather's order, he planned his revenge by entering the company of his enemy, and meet his enemy's daughter, Tong Yi Nian...杰西卡没想到华彩和完美真的联手反收购,此时,罗斯收到美国消息,纽约股市开盘时,海外的贺氏集团开始大量吃进他的量子基金。罗斯总部告急,只得抽身离开。杰西卡失去了罗斯的支持,顿时欧玛的股票全线崩溃。杰西卡后悔自己没有听岑杰西的劝阻,岑杰西此时赶来,向养母讲述了当年孤儿院火灾的真相,并以失去养子地位为条件,恳请杰西卡收手。杰西卡承认因为自私伤害了很多人,不想再失去唯一的儿子!岑杰西和杰西卡和好如初。杰西卡退出了中国股市。

Road To North 一念向北
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