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Rima Hatiku

Rima Hatiku - EP602

Rima and Ilhan remain friends
46 Min

By Suria Published: 01 Nov 2013 Audio: Malay

Rima Hatiku is a girl’s journey into self-discovery – understanding who she really is and accepting herself, her strengths, her weaknesses, her love and her life.Rima’s self-discovery begins when she is thrown into the world of TV production.Through Rima’s involvement in TV production, the drama series hopes to highlight the elements that goes into a TV production and are pieced together to make a programme. An unexpected offer to be an actress on the drama throws her life off balance – her friendship with Elly turns into rivalry, her love relationship turns abusive and confusing as well as her relationship with her mother reaches its breaking point. However what keeps Rima going is her love for the art and also the chance of finding her estranged father, no matter how slim it may be.

Rima Hatiku
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