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Rescue 995

Rescue 995 - EP20

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Jun 2016 Audio: Chinese

Yixun is unable to accept the truth when he discovers his birth mother who abandoned him since young is Yaqin. Feeling guilty upon realising the man who has been caring for her all these while is her son Yixun, she runs away in a hurry only to fall into the hands of Wenzong. With Yaqin in his hands, Wenzong threatens Yixun to drop his charges against him. 一迅得知雅琴就是从小抛弃他的母亲,一时无法接受。雅琴从浩然口中得知经常照顾她的男人就是她的儿子一迅,觉得没脸见一迅,慌张地逃走,结果落入文宗手里。文宗以雅琴威胁一迅撤销对他的资产冻结令......。

Rescue 995
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