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Repercussion 罪孽牢笼 (Mandarin)

Repercussion 罪孽牢笼 (Mandarin) - EP15

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 23 Nov 2020 Audio: Chinese

Yue visits Pianpian's family to discuss about the possibility of bringing forward Sha and Pianpian's wedding. The wedding is set to be held in two weeks' time. Gan decides to sabotage the wedding by stopping the groom from showing up on the wedding day. 阿月探访翩翩的家人商量尽快让阿沙和翩翩结婚。阿甘知道翩翩怀孕后,计划破坏两个星期后的婚礼,让新郎无法到场结婚。

Repercussion 罪孽牢笼 (Mandarin)
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