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Repercussion 罪孽牢笼 (Mandarin)

Repercussion 罪孽牢笼 (Mandarin) - EP11

45 Min
Some Violence

By Channel U Published: 16 Nov 2020 Audio: Chinese

Sha likes Zhanda. He snatches Zhanda's photo at the photo studio and promises to return if she allows him to send her back. Yue sees a lady riding pillion with Sha and asks him about the lady's identity. Yue is displeased to find out that the lady is Zhanda. 阿沙心仪詹妲,在相馆外抢了她的照片想要留着当纪念。詹妲要回照片,阿沙却要载她回去店里才肯把照片还给她。阿月看到阿沙载着一个女人,追问之下才知道那人是佣人詹妲,因此感到非常不满。

Repercussion 罪孽牢笼 (Mandarin)
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