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Recipe Of Life 味之道

Recipe Of Life 味之道 - EP25

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 23 Nov 2020 Audio: Chinese

Hui Ying thinks Ruo Wei is collecting the evidence of embezzlement from the supplier. She demands him to step down from the General Manager position and temporarily give up his shares for Hua Hua Shi Jie but Ruo Wei refuses. She then persuades him in front of Ru Hua, claiming that she hopes he can nurture his talent before she passes the business to him. Thus, convincing him to give up his shares. 惠瑛以为若威暗中向供应商收佣中饱私囊的证据,当着南花面前,不只要若威让出总经理的位置,还要他暂时交出花花食界的股份,若威不愿意。惠瑛故意在如花面前动之以情,称自己对若威恨铁不成纲,希望他早日成才,才能把生意交给他。若威信以为真,应允交出股权。

Recipe Of Life 味之道
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