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Recipe Of Life 味之道

Recipe Of Life 味之道 - EP20

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Nov 2020 Audio: Chinese

Chao Wei plans to study photography abroad but Xi Hong disapproves of the idea as she recalls the promise he made to never leave her. She goes live while making coloured dumplings to bring back his childhood memories and to remind him of the effort she put in to raise him. Chao Wei is touched but Min Ming is unhappy that Xi Hong is making use of Chao Wei's feelings to stop him from going overseas. 朝伟打算出国学摄影,西红不赞成,想起朝伟小时候曾承诺不会离开她。为唤起朝伟儿时的记忆,西红开直播为朝伟制作彩色粉果,让朝伟记起自己如何为他费尽心思。朝伟被西红感动,敏明却为西红试图用感情令朝伟放弃出国而感到不满……。

Recipe Of Life 味之道
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