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Reborn 重生

Reborn 重生 - EP28

41 Min

By meWATCH Published: 01 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

Qin Chi, the deputy of the Xi Guan, the only survivor of the "gun case", continued to fight against amnesia after the heavy blow, and solved the story of the "gun case" while cracking the suspect. The role of Qin Chi, a thoughtful, not only has to solve the "mystery" behind the complicated cases with the police colleagues, but he also has more emphasis on the puzzles to be solved, the tough color and suspense. 秦驰料定宫永年不会束手就缚,早已准备好了枪支弹药。双方发生枪战,胡一彪替秦驰挡了一枪。警方的增援赶到,宫永年趁乱逃走,秦驰和小路追上了宫永年。秦驰并没有当场将宫永年击毙,而是吩咐小路把他带回了警局。宫永年被捕,事情好像就此结束。可是秦驰看了卷宗,疑惑为什么他会知道他们行动的时间。冯潇劝秦驰赶紧回去治疗,秦驰询问两人分开的原因。秦驰像往常一样来到串吧,纪念死去的兄弟。

Reborn 重生
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