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Rahsia Perkahwinan S2

Rahsia Perkahwinan S2 - EP13

44 Min

By Suria Published: 21 Feb 2020 Audio: Malay

Ashraf has to leave the hospital as he could not stay any longer. Unwillingly, Ashraf’s wives take turn looking after him. It means he has to shift from one house to another everyday. Emelina and Iskandar search for Sabrina and finally find her lying at the hospital bed as she is involved in an accident. Iskandar and Emelina apologise to Farhan for what happens to his daughter. Sabrina who suffers from a minor injury, is glad to meet Farhan. After much thought, Norain seeks for divorce as she could not bear to face Elias anymore. However, Norjannah manages to coax her against it. Elias is happy and hence, decides to take his family for a reunion dinner. Unfortunately, he meets with an accident on his way home. Dian is remorseful.

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