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PornTeng No More! 生活不PornTeng

PornTeng No More! 生活不PornTeng - EP20

4 Min

By meWATCH Published: 12 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

PornTeng No More ! is a series where hosts Pornsak and Lee Teng provide useful tips for viewers about socializing at work and home, in order to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Celebrity guests are also invited to provide their valuable take on various topics. “生活不PornTeng” 是一档由Pornsak和李腾主持的节目,旨在为忙碌的观众提供实用的贴士,让你在家庭,职场和社交中应对自如,在生活中取得平衡。节目中时常会有“达人”嘉宾客串,妙语连珠,内容既劲爆又搞笑。

PornTeng No More! 生活不PornTeng
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