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Playground 游乐场

Playground 游乐场 - EP5

Finale 大结局
30 Min
Mature Themes 成人题材;

By meWATCH Published: 21 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese

Lynn’s father, Sam Moi, is the voyeur and he is arrested by Nick and Susannah. However, he stays silent to Nick’s interrogation. Lynn makes advances towards Jackson and manages to secure a copy of the mobile phone footage taken at the playground, the night before the tragedy – Le Tian was bullied by Jackson. Lynn hands over the footage to Nick and asks about her father- Sam. Nick finally secures Sam’s confession with him handing over the footage of the suicide process. Tan Lian Sheng is absolved of the murder charges but upon further review of the footage, Susannah and Nick made another discovery…… 偷窥狂《梅忠义》SAM在停职查办的女刑警郭汉娜和沈君豪的合作下,被捕归案。但是经由沈君豪审问,一句不发,案情再度陷入僵局。《梅舒菱》借机亲近男友《黄伟杰》,最终得到案发前一晚在游乐场所拍摄,霸凌陈乐天的手机视频。《梅》把视频交给沈君豪,要求《沈》帮忙被捕的父亲《梅忠义》。偷窥狂终于招认拍下了当天双自杀案件的过程,陈连胜洗脱了谋杀的嫌疑,但是两位探长却从视频发现另有蹊跷。。。。。。

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