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Plastic Surgery is my Business 整形背后

Plastic Surgery is my Business 整形背后

This Bitter Earth (Finale 大结局)
23 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适

By Channel U Published: 15 Jan 2020 Audio: English

In the final episode of the series, Vincent travels to Yangon to settle the clinic's expansion plans. How will it turn out ? Meanwhile back in Singapore, 2 different cases await Vincent's return. One - an old friend who runs an orphanage in China for children with birth defects, and has a new case for Vincent. Two - a family man who had a nasty accident and needs medical attention ASAP. 除了应付美容需求的客户,整形外科专家姚国龙医生也得经常为先天性缺陷或创伤病患进行手术。这一集两名亚伯氏症的孩童以及一名因跌断下颌而急需进行手术的男子找上了姚医生。

Plastic Surgery is my Business 整形背后
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