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Places In My Heart 万里情空

Places In My Heart 万里情空 - EP20

48 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

Filmed in Yunan, this drama serial depicts the lives of a group of Singaporeans residing in China because of work or other commitments. A pub, aptly named Singapore Sling, is where they hang out to be in touch with their fellow countrymen. Shen as Liao Zimian, Angela Ang as Chen Minzhen, Lin Yisheng as Liang Zhenhua, Gong Beibi as Zhang Yining, San Yow as Zhuang Yaoguo, Sebastian Sim as Yao Anbang, Peter Tang as Wang Daxi, Brandon Wong as Fang Yizu, Tang Hu as Zhuang Yanan and Yun Changcou as Wang Dage.

Places In My Heart 万里情空
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