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Perfect Cut 一切完美

Perfect Cut 一切完美 - EP3

47 Min
Mature Themes

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

Beer promoter Lian Hua (Chen Hui Hui) is helpless when her rebellious son repeatedly creates trouble in school. Alex saw her tattoo and scar on her arm, and suspects this could be the root of the problems. Alex offers to remove her tattoo, but she is reluctant, as she wants it to be a remembrance of her deceased “friend”. 啤酒女郎莲花(陈慧慧饰)有个叛逆的儿子阿强,因为母亲身上有纹身,自幼被同学笑,而莲花不愿除去纹身,所以对儿子的心理造成了负面影响。Alex主动要帮莲花除去纹身,可是她不肯,因为纹身是要纪念一个死去的“朋友”……

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