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Perfect Cut 一切完美

Perfect Cut 一切完美 - EP13

47 Min
Mature Themes

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

Alex hides the truth from Kelly that Eve is back. When Kelly finds out that Alex has not been truthful to her, she decides to back out. In the last ditch for their relationship, Kelly and Alex both accept a test for their relationship to see if they will find each another at a place where they wish to meet. On his way to the meeting, Alex gets trapped in the lift… Alex希望Eve不要带走可可,Eve表示若能回到Alex身边,她愿意让可可留下……Alex隐瞒了关于Eve的事,Kelly恍然Alex原来没有对自己坦白,决定退出。Alex要求再给两人的缘分多一次机会,若两人这次无法在‘心中想和对方相遇的地点’遇上,那他就只好放弃。Alex信心满满赶去赴约,却被困电梯内,手机线路又无法联络上Kelly。这一次,他是否又要再失约呢?Kelly会否原谅他的迟到?

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