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Perfect Cut 一切完美

Perfect Cut 一切完美 - EP12

48 Min
Mature Themes

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

As Alex loses sight of his purpose as a cosmetic surgeon, Kelly encourages him to continue to find his passion in his career. He finally decides to take on the job of cleft lip treatment for a patient. While things are going well for Alex and Kelly, Keke’s mother Eve unexpectedly shows up… Alex陷入了迷失,找不到自己当整容医生的价值,Kelly鼓励Alex,表示只要用心寻找,一定会重新找到工作的希望和热枕。Alex决定接手为病人进行兔唇修复手术,手术完成后,他也终于找回对工作的希望和热枕。Alex兴致勃勃准备赴Kelly的约会,却发现可可的母亲Eve出现在门口!

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