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Perfect Cut 一切完美

Perfect Cut 一切完美 - EP11

48 Min
Mature Themes

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

Alex wanders away from home and lost his way. He tries to keep it from his family thus seeks help from Kelly. Kelly promised to keep it a secret, and assured Alex that he could trust her. Sky and Xiao Li went on a date, however Xiao Li’s confidence in herself wavered as things starts to go wrong during their meeting… Alex擅自下楼离家后,不小心迷了路,却不敢打电话回家,最后请路人帮忙拨电给Kelly。Alex不想让家人知道自己迷路。Kelly答应帮Alex保守秘密,并告诉他他可以相信她这个朋友。晓莉扮美和Sky外出用餐,却状况百出,一再打击晓莉的信心,以致晓莉想要躲避Sky……

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