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Perfect Cut 一切完美

Perfect Cut 一切完美 - EP1

45 Min
Mature Themes

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

In order to salvage her failing marriage and satisfy her husband fetish, Yoyo (Constance Song) a mental depressive patient approaches Alex (Thomas Ong) for breast implants whilst her husband developes a special liking for Sky (Julian Hee), his body trainer… 患忧郁症的心理病人(宋怡霏饰)为了挽救和丈夫有了“瑕疵”的婚姻,决定做隆胸手术。另一边,她的丈夫(陈川之饰)却对健身教练Sky健硕的身材有着无限羡慕和感触……

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