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Patisserie Fighting 我的甜蜜革命

Patisserie Fighting 我的甜蜜革命 - EP4

13 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 28 Apr 2017 Audio: Chinese

小D带语恬到烘焙学校拜师,她赫然发现老师就是向她订做cake pops的Dean。 与专业甜点师们一起上课,语恬倍感压力,因此没能在指定时间内完成任务。Dean要求她去好好分析自己的失误。 隔日再战,语恬悟出了变通之道,而小D也说她的糕点有了灵魂。 Hsiao D brings Yu Tin for classes at a baking school, and she realises that the baking teacher is Dean – the one who made the order for the cake pops. While attending classes together with the baking professionals, Yu Tin feels pressured and fails to complete her tasks in time. Dean asks for her to reflect on her mistakes. The next day, Yu Tin takes up the challenge again. This time round, she gets a breakthrough and Hsiao D finds there is soul in her pastry. Yu Tin feels emotional as she finds herself enlightened.

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