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P.King Duckling 豆小鸭·神奇小分队

P.King Duckling 豆小鸭·神奇小分队

Ep21 and Ep22
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Sep 2020 Audio: Chinese;English

P. King Duckling is about the title character, a young duck, who has adventures in the town of Hilly Hole with his two best friends, Chumpkins and Wombat.《豆小鸭》主要讲述了一只勇敢无畏,但运气稍显欠佳的小鸭子和两位好朋友小沃(一只袋熊)和金宝(一只小猪)的冒险故事。在冒险过程中,豆小鸭和伙伴们展现了“勇敢做自己”积极向上的乐观态度,从而引导儿童观众积极地面对困难,创造性解决问题。

P.King Duckling 豆小鸭·神奇小分队
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