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Our Makan Places: Lost and Found S1

Our Makan Places: Lost and Found S1 - EP1

Taman Serasi
24 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 16 Mar 2016 Audio: English

Join food detectives Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chia as they lead viewers on a food trail hunting for favourite makan places that are lost and have been relocated. Still looking for your favourite stalls from the Margaret Drive hawker centre ? Want to find out where the Longhouse stalls are moving to after its closure ? What about hawker stalls that have now moved and upgraded to become restaurants ? What about the small cafes and bistros that have captured your stomachs but moved away ? Gurmit and Michelle will attempt to answer these burning questions for you. And on their hunt, the effervescent hosts learn about the histories of these well-loved eating places and the stories of those who do their best to satisfy our stomachs and taste buds.

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