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Our Family Joy 一家之宝

Our Family Joy 一家之宝 - EP6

Andie Chen & Kate Pang (Finale)
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 23 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Actress-model Sheila Sim is happily married and trying for her 1st baby. She visits Andie and Kate to find out more about parenthood and becomes an "intern mummy" as she helps to take care of their 2 kids. Would Sheila be able to click with the kids and complete her "internship" successfully ? 婚后的沈琳宸,犹如幸福小女人,现阶段的她渴望能尽快组织自己的家庭。本集节目,她向夫妻档陈邦鋆和庞蕾馨讨教,并充当“实习妈妈”,帮忙照顾俩人的孩子。

Our Family Joy 一家之宝
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