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Our Family Joy 一家之宝

Our Family Joy 一家之宝 - EP1

Lina Ng & Family
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 17 Feb 2020 Audio: Chinese

Desmond Ng visits "Lion mum" Lina Ng's family. After hanging out with her 3 boys, Desmond discovers their interest in cooking. Under the guidance of Chef Eric Teo, Desmond and the trio organized a buffet to reward the Pioneer and Merdeka generation. The boys' efforts moved their parents to tears. 黄振隆探访“虎妈”黄嫊方的家庭,与她的3个儿子打成一片。相处过程中,他得知3兄弟都喜欢烹饪,便安排他们与名厨张添来拜师学煮。在黄振隆和名厨的协助之下,三兄弟以父母的名义举办“新年派对”,烹调美味爱心自助餐,慰劳建国和立国一代们。三兄弟各司其职、齐心做公益,父母看在眼里,暖在心里,既感动又骄傲。

Our Family Joy 一家之宝
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