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Our Daily Food 食材地图

Our Daily Food 食材地图 - EP4

44 Min

By Channel U Published: 19 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

This episode, Pornsak heads to Lake Hamana in Japan to learn about eel farming and takes a look at rice farming technology in Shizuoka. He is back to his hometown to learn about the cultivation of Thai jasmine rice. Cui Fang heads to Pontian, Malaysia to learn about local offshore fishing operation. 在这一集的节目中,Pornsak前往日本滨松市滨名湖了解鳗鱼养殖。他也前往静冈一窥日本的水稻种植技术,再回到故乡泰国了解茉莉香米的种植。而林翠芳则前往马来西亚笨珍,了解当地渔民的近海捕捞作业。

Our Daily Food 食材地图
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