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Oru Nodiyil

Oru Nodiyil - EP8

22 Min

By Vasantham Published: 19 Nov 2020 Audio: Tamil

The moment Kanesh saw a plane, his love story with planes began. He wanted to be a pilot. When Kanesh was preparing for PSLE, he was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, a rare form of cancer at the age of 12. As a result, he took his exams from his hospital bed. Kanesh had to go through multiple surgeries and radiation therapy, which left burns on his face and loss of his hair. He got bullied because of the way he looked in secondary school. Although his dream of becoming a pilot was no longer possible, he pursued a degree hoping to become an aeronautical engineer. However, disaster struck again when he was in doing his final year in the university. He had a relapse to which he had lost bones and muscles on his face which eventually led to him losing his sight on his right eye. However, his journey continues. He is in pursuit of building a solar-powered plane now. Ibrahim Sehana re-enacts hardship that Kanesh went through in this episode of Oru Nodiyil.

Oru Nodiyil
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