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On The Red Dot: Making The Digital Leap

On The Red Dot: Making The Digital Leap - EP1

Stuck In The Past
23 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 16 Oct 2020 Audio: English

Jumrin Isrin is the head chef of Nasi Warong Pariaman, Singapore's oldest suriving nasi padang stall. But sales are down as COVID-19 puts the brakes on tourist arrivals and big catering events. With their competitors getting a head start on an online presence, how can Jumrin keep up when a staff shortage limits the food they can cook ? When Jagjit “Jacky” Singh took over Bobby Fabrics from his dad, it was a thriving textile shop selling high-end fabric and lace to tourists. But with no tourists and his first attempt to get online a costly failure, can once bitten and now twice shy Jacky overcome his skepticism about digitalising, or will he be forced to watch the business that his father built die ? Uma Naidu and her daughter Kisha are fishmongers who own a stall at the Tekka Wet Market. But with their produce bought mostly by foreign workers, now stuck in their dormitories, where will they find new customers who can appreciate their unusual fish ?

On The Red Dot: Making The Digital Leap
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