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On The Red Dot: COVID-19: Alone. Together.

On The Red Dot: COVID-19: Alone. Together. - EP12

Together Once More
22 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 24 Jul 2020 Audio: English

On 19 June, Singapore takes a deep breath of fresh air as doors are flung open and shutters lifted as the country enters Phase 2 of its reopening. But despite the easing social distancing measures, the lingering effects of COVID-19 continues to restrict social interaction within the community. As friends, colleagues and family reunite after two and half months apart, how will they find the strength and determination to reconnect and get back what they've lost ? Madam Ong Noi Hey's mum suffers from dementia. Will she recognise her daughter when they finally meet again face to face ? Amanda Phan welcomes back her loyal customers, but worries whether her restaurant business will ever return to pre-COVID levels. The dragon boat team hits the water with delight, but captain Jamues Ng must find a way to get them back up to competition level.

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