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On The Red Dot 2019/2020

On The Red Dot 2019/2020 - EP43

Fri 27 Mar 2020 - The Food That Made Me 5: Leena & The Holistic Food People
22 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 27 Mar 2020 Audio: English

Leena's favourite memories are growing up with the spicy flavours and aromas of her grandma's cooking. But when grandma passed away when she was still a young girl, her recipes and stories behind them were lost with her. Undeterred, Leena embarks on a quest to rediscover her culinary roots and revive memories of her beloved grandma. Along the way, she discovers a heritage of healing and balance, and the story of an iconic dish that cannot be found in India. Our food tells us incredible stories of how we lived, fought and survived. Join 5 personalities as they embark on a journey to discover their past through the traditional food that they loved.

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