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On The Red Dot 2018

On The Red Dot 2018 - EP38

Fri 8 Feb 2019 - Risky Business 1
23 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 08 Feb 2019 Audio: English

They risk their lives every time they go to work. Yet, they return day after day, putting themselves in harm’s way to keep our lives running smoothly. What does it take to trust your life on a piece of rope or ageing machinery, or to put your life into the hands of a new recruit ? From rope access to commercial diving, from lifts to cargo ships, On The Red Dot dives into the depths of the sea, climbs to dizzying heights and into claustrophobic spaces to bring you their stories. Risky Business 1 - They work in the high places accessibly only by rope, performing a wide range of jobs from cleaning building facades to daredevil rescue missions. The team prepares a new trainee for his first job as a rope access technician at the top of a tall office building. But the new kid on the block suddenly realises that his leap of faith is more literal than he thought.

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