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On The Red Dot 2018

On The Red Dot 2018 - EP13

Fri 06 July 2018 - Generation Gap 1: Greening Grandma
23 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 06 Jul 2018 Audio: English

What does it take to bridge the divide between generations, especially between grandparents and their grandchildren ? Can they pass on the culture and knowledge that define who they are and narrow the yawning chasm between them ? Four teenagers and their grandparents are challenged to take on projects that matter to them. But as personalities clash and tempers fly, can they confront their differences or will they become more alienated than ever before ? Generation Gap 1: Greening Grandma - Like many teenagers, 15-year-old Emma wants to save the planet from choking on its waste. But her 71-year-old grandma doesn’t even recycle. When both women take on a 7-day Zero Waste in a bid to outdo the other, they don’t realise that the results will be more profound that either of them expected.

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