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Webisode 8 - Old Taste Detective

Webisode 8 - Old Taste Detective

6 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese

Kway Chap was brought to Singapore by the early Chaoshan ancestors from China. Through evolution, the kway teow is cooked in the braised soup and separately paired with a platter of braised ingredients. Let us teach you how to use the Kway Chap ingredients to make Kway Teow Roll with tomato sauce. 粿汁源自中国潮汕地区,随着潮汕先辈来到新加坡, 经由演变,粿汁的粿片和卤料分离,粿片和卤汤煮成一碗,另外搭配一盘丰俭由人的卤料。我们现在就来教大家用粿汁食材,做一道番茄酱粿片卷。

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