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Webisode 5 - Old Taste Detective

Webisode 5 - Old Taste Detective

5 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Popiah is one of the traditional snacks in Minnan, Fujian. People have exerted their creativity through times to re-create the dish to subvert our taste buds. Let us teach you how to use the popiah filling to make Cheese Popiah stuffed with cornflakes and Mexican Cheese Popiah. 薄饼是传统的福建闽南小吃之一,随着时代不断改变,有人发挥创意,颠覆人们的味蕾想象。我们现在就来教大家用福建薄饼馅料,来做起司薄饼馅玉米片和墨西哥起司薄饼。

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