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Webisode  3 - Old Taste Detective

Webisode 3 - Old Taste Detective

5 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 28 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Yong Tau Foo is a common Hakka cuisine. Some pay attention to the combination of culture and food, while others pay attention to integrating creativity to the dish, so there is creation of new ways of eating Yong Tau Foo. Let us teach you how to cook a fusion dish which is inspired by Yong Tau Foo. 酿豆腐,把肉馅酿入豆腐里,是普遍不过的客家 美食。有人注重文化与饮食的结合,有人却注重美食创意的融入,因此就有人创制出新式酿豆腐吃法,我们现在就来教大家煮一道从酿豆腐取得灵感的豆浆薯泥煎肉饼。

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