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Old Taste Detective 古早味侦探

Old Taste Detective 古早味侦探 - EP11

44 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 25 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese

Cantonese style congee is known for its silky smooth consistency and combination of various ingredients, and it's also the comfort food for many Singaporeans. In this episode, host Yi Fong and Chef Jeremmy check out old stalls and attempt to recreate the old taste of Cantonese porridge. 新加坡人爱吃粥,在不同籍贯的粥品当中,又以口感绵密、配料丰富的广东粥最受欢迎。这一集除了带大家品尝本地不同风味的粥品,也会介绍老字号的广东粥。名厨詹伟健再次接受挑战,在节目里还原广东粥的古早味。

Old Taste Detective 古早味侦探
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