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Oh My Heroes! 超人哪里找?

Oh My Heroes! 超人哪里找? - EP7

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

Nicol Ng Being in the food industry, Nichol has noticed an increase in food prices along with excess wastage over these years. She established The Food Bank with the aim of being the prevailing centralized coordinating organization for all food donations in Singapore. From a few tonnes of food in 2012, it now collects about 60 tonnes each month, which is distributed to the needy through a network of voluntary welfare organisations such as family service centres, soup kitchens and homes. Uncle Peter Kua Peter started his daily rounds at 3am, he will go around the neighbourhood combing through every garbage bins, meticulously sort out all the rubbish that can be recycled. He will even spend hours to cut out the logos from supermarket plastic bags in order to get a higher value from the recycling companies. All the money from recycling as well as his salary from the day job, he donated to Tzu Chi Foundation as funds to run various charity programs.黄玮婷 食品批发是家族生意,玮婷和弟弟接手之后就发现到食品浪费的情况,逐年的增加,越来越严重。于是两人着手成立了食物银行,收集商家认为不合规格但仍然可以食用的材料,然后分发到不同的慈善机构。开始时的反应并不太理想,但玮婷很积极的进行宣传,引起关注,从2012年的几吨到现在每月可收集达60吨的食材,食物银行已经逐渐的受到肯定。 柯水源 每天凌晨3点,Uncle Peter便会开始在附近的组屋活动,捡纸皮,翻找每一个垃圾箱,把可以再循环的有用物资筛选出来。他会很仔细的分门别类,确保充分的利用物品的每一个部分。一般人丢弃的塑料袋,他也会收集起来,每天花几个小时把袋子上的图案剪掉,保留白色的部分,因为白色塑料才有循环的价值。他把所有循环物资卖掉的钱,连同自己打工的薪水,悉数捐给新加坡慈济作为慈善用途。他觉得地球的物资有限,大家应该要爱惜,要更善加利用我们的资源。

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