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Odd-upation 奇异特工

Odd-upation 奇异特工 - EP9

第九集 催泪师
16 Min

By meWATCH Published: 03 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

Crying has always been viewed as a sign of weakness. However, some people in Japan are willing to pay handsome men to make them cry ! Why do they want others to make them cry ? Is it easy to make someone cry ? Why is it that only handsome men can do this job ? Let’s find out more with the host in Japan. 流泪、哭泣一向来被认为是软弱、承受不了压力的不光彩行为。但在日本,却有人愿意花钱找帅哥来弄哭自己!为什么会有人迫切想被弄哭?催人落泪到底是容易,还是困难的事?为什么只有帅哥才能胜任这份工作?请跟随奇异特工黄靖伦到日本一探究竟。

Odd-upation 奇异特工
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