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Odd-upation 奇异特工

Odd-upation 奇异特工 - EP10

Chick Gender Specialist
18 Min

By meWATCH Published: 10 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

A job that nets an income of 6 figures, yet no one seems to want it. Every time a chicken farm hatches their chicks, a professional identifies their gender and sees up to 10,000 chick bottoms a day. What is chicken sexing ? Why must it be done by a pro ? Let’s find out more with the host in Taiwan. 小鸡性别鉴定师(台湾) 年薪达百万台币,却无人问津?每当鸡场孵出小鸡,就必须请专业人士来做性别鉴定,他一天得看上万个鸡屁股。到底“肛门鉴定法”是什么?为何一定要专人来做?鉴定的难度和秘诀在哪里?请跟随奇异特工黄靖伦到台湾一探究竟。

Odd-upation 奇异特工
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