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Mystic Whispers 听

Mystic Whispers 听 - EP13

30 Min

By meWATCH Published: 16 Sep 2014 Audio: Chinese

Melissa looks Xiaoyun up and tells her Ji’en’s whereabouts. When Xiaoyun looks Ji’en up, the latter expresses his remorse. Xiaoyun does not blame Ji’en for what happened. Ji’en finally gets to see Melissa. Melissa tells Ji’en that she did not leave, as she wanted to see him find his happiness. She urges Ji’en and Xiaoyun to treasure the affinity they share, as they are destined to be together. Xiaoyun goes to the factory with Ji’en to tender his resignation. An accident occurs out of the blue. (With English subtitles) Melissa找上晓芸,告诉晓芸有关吉恩的去处。晓芸找到吉恩。吉恩告知晓芸自己心中的内疚。晓云表示根本不责怪吉恩。Melissa在吉恩面前现身,吉恩终于见到了Melissa。Melissa告诉吉恩一直都没有离开过,因为要看到吉恩找到幸福。Melissa告诉吉恩和晓芸他们两人的缘分是天注定的,要两人珍惜。晓芸陪着吉恩到货仓辞职,不料吉恩却发生了意外…… (附英文字幕)

Mystic Whispers 听
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