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Mystery S1 迷离夜 1

Mystery S1 迷离夜 1 - EP30

Mystery (4) Finale
42 Min
Supernatural Content

By Channel 8 Published: 28 Jul 2014 Audio: Chinese

Wei Xin is curious to know how Lu Xiang disappeared but the latter is none the wiser. Wei Xin takes leave of them. Walking out of the ward, he meets a nurse whom he mistakes to be Lei Sha. He quickly retraces his steps to check on Lu Xiang and his wife. They are still there. Shortly after he leaves, Lei Sha appears and tries to lead Lu Xiang into following her but fails. When Lei Bao's temperature continues to drop, he wants to harm Lu Xiang but Lei Sha stops his, much to his annoyance. Lei Sha appears in Wei Xin's dream telling him she has decided not to keep her promise. When he awakes, he rushes to the hospital and is relieved that everything is alright. Lei Sha appears before him and remarks that though she has failed in her second attempt to lead Lu Xiang away, she will not give up her mission of bringing others to a trouble free and peaceful world. Wei Xin tries to dissuade Lei Sha from carrying out her mission but without success. But when Lei Sha walks past the children's ward and sees the adorable babies, she begins to have second thoughts about her mission. Unable to control herself, Lei Sha goes to a kindergarten and uses her power to bring the children to a different world where they thoroughly enjoy themselves. Her action, however, causes Lei Bao to be more violent. Jialn refuses to stay the night with a rich woman at a bungalow despite Shi Hu's order. He has to give in when his craving for morphine starts. Wei Xin follows them to the bungalow when he sees Jialun being 'escorted' by Shu Hu's me. He calls up Manping who arrives shortly after. They try to rescue Jialun but are discovered by Shi Hu's men. While on the run, Jialun's craving for drugs intensifies. Lei Bao suddenly appears and tries to lead him to a world of the unknown. Wei Xin stops him. Annoyed, Lei Bao tries to destroy Wei Xin. Lei Sha forbids him to do so. An angry Lei Bao breaks off with Lei Sha and swears to destroy everything that she likes. When Lei Bao abducts Meiling's baby, Lei Sha seeks Wei Xin's help. Meiling follows Wei Xin's instructions by rushing to the kindergarten. Then holding the pink crystal tightly in her palm, she repeatedly calls out the name of her baby. The latter is eventually returned to her. The moment the baby is found, Lei Sha and Lei Bao are destroyed. Those who have disappeared return. The pink crystals that Wei Xin have been collecting turn white...

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