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My One in a Million 我的万里挑一

My One in a Million 我的万里挑一 - EP19

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

Kent introduces Shu Yu to Producer Geng, a variety show producer from China. Producer Geng is impressed with Shu Yu's special abilities, and invites her and Kent to produce a matchmaking web series in China. Shu Yu rejects the offer. Dejected, Kent and Violet plot a plan to persuade Shu Yu, which involves causing harm to Ding Yi. Kent介绍中国综艺制作人耿制作与书彧见面,耿制作对书彧的红娘本事非常惊叹,欲邀请她和Kent去中国拍摄网络相亲节目。书彧拒绝,Kent感失望,与Violet暗中策划要如何说服书彧,以及陷害定一的事。

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