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My One in a Million 我的万里挑一

My One in a Million 我的万里挑一 - EP10

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 29 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

Kent is scalded by hot coffee, and Shu Yu worries that if she has a crush on Kent she will cause him to suffer, so she keeps her distance. Kent does not understand why Shu Yu is being hot and cold to him. He asks for an explanation, and confesses to her. Shu Yu explains that there is a special reason why the two of them can only stay friends for the time being, and asks Kent to give her some time. Kent assures her that he is willing to wait for her. Kent被热咖啡溅到,书彧担心自己对Kent有好感会害他受伤,刻意疏远。Kent不解书彧为何忽冷忽热,追问原因,并向她表白。书彧解释因为某个特殊原因,两人暂时只能做朋友,请Kent给她时间。Kent表示愿意等她,两人确定了心意。

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